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Cast Your Vote


Help Swick Home Services Give Back to the Community!

Each month three organizations will be entered into a poll and then it's up to you to vote for your favorite!

Our Gold-Star Giving program contributes to your favorite charities all the time. Help us focus our contributions as best we can by nominating, voting and sharing today! Please call (906) 228-3400 for more information.

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Superior Arts Youth Theatre

Superior Arts Youth Theatre is an organization that changes lives. This program allows youth ages 3-18 to participate in theater on many different levels.

Opportunities include: acting, choreography, lighting, set design, backstage crew, sound design, arts administration, directing, teaching, leadership, costumes, makeup, properties design and more.

Our kids are able to do this in an encouraging cooperative, and fun environment that includes youth of varying abilities, backgrounds and experiences.

Superior Arts Youth Theatre is an amazing organization ad we hope to continue to grow and give back to the Marquette Community.

Marquette Senior High School Varsity Dance Team

The Marquette Senior High School Varsity Dance Team is composed of a large group of strong and inspiring young women. Their dedication and discipline is evident in every practice and their love for the sport is demonstrated every time they perform.

The MSHS Varsity Dance Team is larger this year than it has been in the past and costume pieces, poms, and uniforms have to be ordered to accommodate the roster size. Any funds would go directly to ordering the necessary items for the team.

Westend Gearbusters

The Westend Gearbusters are not a school sponsored and need help from the community to pay for the necessary parts and supplies to build their robots for competitions, as well as entry fees. This is the second year for the Westend Gearbusters robotics team from Westwood and Ishpeming.

The skills learned include teamwork, basic engineering, creative problem solving, networking, social skills - just to name a few!