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Gold-Star Members

Your home is a big investment.
Keep your home systems running safely and efficiently by becoming a Gold Star Member!

Our Gold Star Service® Plan makes annual maintenance worry-free. Regular maintenance reduces energy costs, improves performance, extends system life, and prevents costly breakdowns. As a Gold Star customer, you will be given peace of mind when it means the most.
Thinking about becoming a Gold Star Member? Check out the benefits and decide for yourself.

Clean & Tune

This routine maintenance extends the lifespan of your equipment. Our technicians will perform a complete service and efficiency protocol annually. We will make sure your equipment is operating at its peak levels.

Priority Service

By becoming a Gold Star Member, you will be put in the fast lane for service. If you experience any type of urgent need in your home – be it heating, cooling, plumbing, or electrical – we guarantee you will be taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.

Mid-Season Inspection

We offer a visual inspection of your equipment during each season. Our technicians will look for issues that could turn into equipment failure if left untended. They will also recommend preventative measures that can be taken now to help further the life of your home’s systems.

10% Discount on Parts & Labor

At Swick, we know your home budget can be tight. Our Gold Star Service Plan Customers are given a 10% Parts & Labor discount off everything we service. This discount includes heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical.


If you ever choose to sell your home, equipment coverage is transferrable. You can also take coverage with you – if applicable – when you move within our service area.

Peace of Mind

We know your home is important to you. As a Gold Star Member, manufacturer equipment warranties will remain intact.
Are your home’s systems performing their best? Keep your family safe and comfortable by putting a trusted professional on your home service team. Contact us and become a Swick Gold Star Customer today!