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Swick is proud to offer the best complete Home Services in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We also take pride in our community and the work we do to restore, improve, develop and re-purpose new local construction projects.

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The. Absolute. Best.


Swick is honored to offer the best complete Home Services in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We take pride in our community and the work we do to restore, improve, develop & re-purpose new local construction projects.

Swick Home Services has been keeping U.P. Michigan residents comfortable for over four decades.

What We Do, We Do Well

HVAC Heating Services | Swick Home Services

HVAC Heating

Need help with HVAC unit replacement, uneven heating, or an issue with a heat pump? At Swick Home Services, we understand exactly how important it is to keep your heating and cooling system in peak condition. When a Swick professional comes to your home, you can rest assured that you will receive the best heating and air service available, at the best value, from some of the most expert professionals in the industry.

HVAC Cooling Services | Swick Home Services

HVAC Cooling

When you come home to find your home is 90 degrees on a blistering Summer day, you need immediate relief from the heat! Let the experts at Swick evaluate what your needs are so the most efficient solution can be found. Forced air or ductless, we install it all! We are also available for repair and maintenance services for existing systems 365 days per year – 24/7.

Plumbing & Drain Services | Swick Home Services


Whether it’s a broken toilet or just a leaky faucet, nothing in your home can be more frustrating or expensive than bad plumbing. At Swick Home Services, we understand exactly how important it is to get your plumbing fixed right away. Since we opened in 1977, we have provided reliable plumbing service and installation to home owners across the U.P.

Electrical Services | Swick Home Services


Whether you simply want to make some upgrades to your home or you have serious safety concerns with your wiring, Swick electricians have the expert knowledge that you need. We can help you conserve energy and save money while keeping your family safe. We also are a certified Generac Dealer – we sell, install and maintain units all over the U.P!

24/7 Support & Emergency Services | Swick Home Services

Round-the-clock Support

Have an Emergency? A certified technician is never more than a phone call away. We have 24 hour emergency services – 365 days per year!

Stove & Fireplace Services | Swick Home Services

Stove & Fireplace

Have you been to our showroom? Did you know that it is the largest one in the U.P and features only the very best brands? This includes Travis Industries that makes Lopi and Xtrodinaire – all are made right here in the USA. We also carry Finnleo Sauna’s and products for all your Sauna needs.


Our aim is to please our customers, and sometimes their requests have brought us into projects that we couldn’t have imagines. We have put together and installed commercial grade playground equipment, build custom bookcase cabinetry to fill an odd corner in an old house as well as a two-story chicken coop. As the saying goes….those Swick Guys really do…do everything!

Remodeling & Design Services | Swick Home Services


When it comes to Kitchen & Bath remodeling, there is no need to look any further. The experts at Swick can take you from dream, to drawing to design and installation. You don’t need to piece your project together with different companies and hope they will all get along. Your remodel is all under one roof, with licensed contractors, plumbers, HVAC experts, and electricians. Breathe easy! We’ll take care of everything!


See what customers are saying about our amazing team!

  • Laurie D.
    Quick, friendly service. Helped me understand what was wrong and what could be done to fix it. Gave me a good price and reasonable terms. Terrific experience.
    Laurie D.
  • Bill R.
    Swick was on time, and prepared for the job. Dean explained what he was doing, and consulted with us when an unexpected situation arose. He completed the project expertly and efficiently, and was careful of our home and of our privacy. We would recommend Swick, and Dean, to our friends.
    Bill R.
  • Nicole & Terru K.
    Swick employees are always very courteous, respectful, helpful, open, and reliable. I've never had a bad experience with them. When we need help they are always the first and only ones we now call the past few years.
    Nicole & Terru K.
  • Robert S.
    Swick did an excellent job fixing our boiler problem. Travis was knowledgeable and able to explain what the problem was, what he was doing to correct it, and also how i could fix some of the other problems myself if they ever occurred again.
    Robert S.
  • Elizabeth L.
    Travis L did a fantastic job sealing all of the joints on the exhaust PCV piping where we were having water leaks. Swick service is the best and we are really enjoying our new Tempstar furnace.
    Elizabeth L.
  • Ray N.
    Excellent service, however very costly!
    Ray N.
  • Mike W.
    Mike did a great job explain all aspects of installation. Very thorough, professional and knowledgeable.
    Mike W.
  • Don R.
    We've used Swick Home Services for years because they are knowledgable and dependable professionals.
    Don R.
  • Don R.
    Jerry did a great job.
    Don R.
  • Frank & Janet M.
    Great service from scheduling to arrival. Have usually been satisfied with the work that was done by Swicks. The only hiccup was a portion of our furnace that wasn't installed properly. That being said, the mistake was corrected as soon as it was noticed by another Swick person.
    Frank & Janet M.
  • Don R.
    We've used Swick Home Services for years because they are knowledgable and dependable professionals.
    Don R.
  • Frank & Janet M.
    Great service!
    Frank & Janet M.
  • Gary T.
    Shockingly high price quoted for relacement of boiler. Entire propane fueled system cost only about $3300 about 13 years ago.
    Gary T.
  • David V.
    Every time one of the guys have come here, the service is top notch. Plus they friendly, courteous, respectful & just plain nice...
    David V.
  • Diane & Rod L.
    Great service rep. Very patient, friendly and thorough. Did a great job on the installation!
    Diane & Rod L.
  • Jeanne S.
    Travis cleaned out our plugged sewer. He explained the options very well, did a great job, and made sure everything was done properly. He got the mess cleared out very efficiently.
    Jeanne S.
  • Carol & Zane B.
    We knew what needed to be done--an outside faucet had backed up during and winter and cracked the pipe inside the house so when we turned it on it leaked into the basement. The technician replaced the faucet and supposedly repaired the pipe, but when I went to the basement later (fortunately), the joint was leaking. With the amount of the fee for the job we expected professional work and did not receive it. Another technician had to come when we called, and had to spend more time fixing the problem than the first technician took to do the job.
    Carol & Zane B.
  • Chuck H.
    Nick from Swick is really quick. He was polite, professional and fast. Austin gave me updates on when a plumber would be coming out. Good job guys. I hope management reads these because you should be ackowledged for your efforts. I tried doing the buzz.com but I do not have any social media accounts.
    Chuck H.
  • David & Connie V.
    I was floored at how quickly they called me & then how quickly they came. Very courteous, friendly & effient. Very impressed!!!
    David & Connie V.
  • Jerry C.
    Nick is an inordinately pleasant, efficient worker and person. I have never had a Swick person be any less. Bravo, Nick.
    Jerry C.
  • David & Connie V.
    Quick service & what a nice guy. He fixed the problem & even addressed another problem we have. In fact he was going to talk to other experts & figure out a solution. So far we haven't heard back but we're confident that we will.
    David & Connie V.
  • Nancy M.
    We were scheduled for an estimate within a day of our call for a non-emergent plumbing issue. Nick was able to get us the estimate and replace 100 year old leaking pipe the same day (within 2 hours). He also spotted another pipe that needed a plug, did a lengthy leak check and then did a thorough clean-up. Nice job, Nick. Quick, call Nick at Swick!!
    Nancy M.
  • Jim & Holly B.
    I always receive satisfactory service from Swick whether its contact with your staff in scheduling, prompt service, or quality work. I spent some time chatting with Jerry while he was tuning up my furnace. I was impressed by his knowledge of problems with the unit I have (its old). He is very personable and just talking with him for a short time, I can tell he is trustworthy. His morale’s and values in balancing work and family are what I would want in an employee. These kind of employees are hard to come by and I hope I have the pleasure of seeing him again on a house call. Keep up the good work Nicole, Austin and Jerry.
    Jim & Holly B.
  • Mary A.
    Nicole was attentive to my need and got a technician out to me as quickly as possible. Darryn checked everything, snaked out the drains requested, checked for further leaks and cleaned up any debris or mess he made. He answered my questions, provided explanations and was courteous at all times. Great job. Thank you so much.
    Mary A.
  • Anne & Gary S.
    As always, great service at reasonable prices.
    Anne & Gary S.
  • Nicole & Terry K.
    Everyone in the past few years that has come to our house from Swick has always been very helpful, friendly, efficient. In emergency situations they have always come to help as soon as possible. Not usually longer than a couple hours at the most. Swick is always the first phone number we call.
    Nicole & Terry K.
  • John M.
    Quick, courteous service.
    John M.
  • Kevin K.
    Kevin did an awesome job.
    Kevin K.
  • Becca D.
    Travis was VERY friendly, helpful and courteous. He was very polite and explained everything he did and answered all my questions. I would recommend him to anyone and will be requesting him for future work.
    Becca D.
  • Douglas
    Michaela M. was so professional when we called. We had our sewer backing up and we needed someone ASAP! Jon K. was our service technician and he couldn't have been nicer. He was able to diagnose the problem, fix it, and had a recommendation for us on how to keep it maintained. We will definitely recommend Swick Home Services to anyone.
  • Robert M.
    Travis did a great job.
    Robert M.
  • Margo L.
    I am always very satisfied with work performed by Swick. The technicians are courteous and professional. The office staff are very helpful and accomodating.
    Margo L.
  • Al H.
    Tom MacDonald is the guy you want! Very knowledgable and efficient. He has been taking care of my cranky boiler for 10 years and does a excellent job.
    Al H.
  • Bernie & Mary R.
    Repair failed! We are without hot water for the weekend and maybe until the middle of the week. Repairs were started on Friday.
    Bernie & Mary R.
  • Miguel V.
    Great work done by Travis. The only thing missing is an updated sticker showing what was replace in the boiler and also what was checked in the water heater. Miguel
    Miguel V.
  • Russell & Barbara G.
    Nick was so nice, courteous and helpful
    Russell & Barbara G.
  • Christine H.
    Tom was wonderful as was the receptionist. However I feel we were overcharged. Service took less than one hour and I believe the part was <50 (high estimate). $175/hr seems insane for skilled labor.
    Christine H.
  • Herbert C.
    Travis was outstanding. Superior in every respect.
    Herbert C.
  • Anonymous
    Being a retired Residential Contractor I can say The Service and Installation was Fast, Professional with Good Looking Workmanship! I would recommend Swick as the Best in the business!
  • Joan P.
    I was very pleased with the gentlemen who installed my hot water tank...They were so helpful and courteous...explained well everything to me....and did not rush through their work....they both get a 4-star rating...
    Joan P.
  • Richard D.
    Great service and courteous tech!
    Richard D.
  • Greg S.
    Technician was on time, and gave good advice on what to look for to prevent future problems.
    Greg S.
  • Robert L.
    very gentleman
    Robert L.
  • Glenn S.
    Katie and Nick provided pleasant professional service in scheduling and performing a pre season checkup on my boiler. I would highly recommend Swicks for installation and maintenance.
    Glenn S.
  • James P.
    Excellent customer service! Professional, friendly, and courteous. Thanks!
    James P.
  • Julie M.
    Thank you, Mike!
    Julie M.
  • Marcia H.
    Travis was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable.
    Marcia H.
  • Susan N.
    Very professional and polite!
    Susan N.
  • Glen H.
    Jerry and Tom were great! Fast and friendly! Our water heater bit the dust and they were there to efficiently replace it within an hour! Also if you don't have the gold star service, your crazy. It paid for itself in one whack!
    Glen H.
  • Darlene & Andrew N.
    Mike was amazing. He explained things to us that we weren't aware of, and suggested how to fix them. He definitely knows his stuff!
    Darlene & Andrew N.
  • Mery S.
    Jerry arrived on time and was very courteous and knowledgeable. I will ask for him again.
    Mery S.
  • James & Norma M.
    The Gold Star Service Plan has served us well as preventive maintenance. Do you still offer a multi year Gold Star Service Plan option?
    James & Norma M.
  • Mary S.
    Jerry was on time, courteous and did a thorough inspection on both units. I will request him again next year.
    Mary S.
  • Frank C.
    Swick did it again, batting 1000 guys. Jerry pleasant and professional.
    Frank C.
  • Hobby & Susan B.
    couldn't have asked for a better experience
    Hobby & Susan B.
  • Michael & Helen G.
    Every aspect of the service was of the highest quality. The work was done quickly and thoroughly and with respect for my home. Darren even fixed another problem I had and provided helpful advice.
    Michael & Helen G.
  • Jerry C.
    Jerry and staff always superb...the best.
    Jerry C.
  • Michael & Helen G.
    Every aspect of the service was of the highest quality. The work was done quickly and thoroughly and with respect for my home. Darren even fixed another problem I had and provided helpful advice.
    Michael & Helen G.
  • David & Connie V.
    One thing we have found in dealing with Swicks is that they are everything you want in a company that you must deal with for household problems. They are wonderful. They actually answer the phone so you talk to an actual person, they are courteous, friendly, efficient & thoughtful. When they enter your home, they don't walk around in their dirty shoes or boots, they immediately put on "booties" to protect your home. Yes, they are expensive, but they do good work.
    David & Connie V.
  • Cathy T.
    Thank you Darryn for the great service.
    Cathy T.
  • Scott M.
    Mike and the team at Swick are always there when needed!
    Scott M.
  • Elizabeth & David Y.
    I am disappointed that we are even still addressing this issue in our home. Swick installed a new furnace in February in our home at a whopping cost of more than $5000.00. Every time it rains heavy we have a literal waterfall of water running down from our chimney. They have been here twice already to reseal everything. The problem is the metal up on the roof needs to be thoroughly washed with acetone before applying any sealant. I called once again and explained this to them. Nick the tech showed up to work the issue but did not have any acetone. He went up on the roof and sanded it all down and then reapplied sealant. we have to wait for a heavy rain to see. I am not pleased that this issue has had to re addressed so many times.
    Elizabeth & David Y.
  • Scott M.
    Mike and the team at Swick are always there when needed!
    Scott M.
  • Jen S.
    I've lived in the Marquette, Michigan area since June of 2015. Not long, in other words. I have had excellent service from everyone at Swick that I have dealt with - from billing personnel to scheduling, to service members who have come to the house to make repairs. I cannot stress enough how friendly, professional, and knowledgeable the various employees are about their specialty topics. It is very different than living in a large city, where you *may* get someone who knows something about one topic, but refuses to ask or recommend information about a topic that they know nothing about. With Swick, I found that these employees were willing to ask each other questions about installs and topics that they did not know enough about, without having any reservations or embarrassment about doing so. This is extremely different from big city work! Excellent job - I would gladly recommend Swick for any portion of your job - painting to plumbing to electrical!
    Jen S.
  • Jen S.
    So far, each of the jobs that I have had completed with the Swick team members have been completed in an outstanding manner - from scheduling to follow-up services. It is also pretty neat to be able to schedule all kinds of services through one organization. I moved from a larger city, where each service is scheduled through a different company - that sometimes makes things complicated in terms of scheduling. Swick team members have always gone the extra mile to work with my schedule and the needs of my Victorian home!
    Jen S.
  • Jackie J.
    Jerry was very professional and polite and also very competent and HONEST. That means a lot to me.
    Jackie J.
  • Tim & Patty C.
    I appreciate the caliber of professionalism of the Swick employees. I have always been satisfied with the knowledge and courtesy the Swick employees display in their interaction with customers.
    Tim & Patty C.
  • Robert & Laurel M.
    Great service and very helpful
    Robert & Laurel M.
  • Barbara & Dan C.
    Great service call! Problem solved and corrected!
    Barbara & Dan C.
  • Terry H.
    I appreciate the timeliness, professionalism, and competence provided by everyone at Swick.
    Terry H.
  • Barbara & Dan C.
    Service personnel was neat clean and courteous, and very considerate. A pleasure to do business with.
    Barbara & Dan C.
  • Marshall W.
    Great as usual!
    Marshall W.
  • Verna M.
    Each employee we interacted with was very courteous and knowledgeable. They were at my house (an evening emergency) in less than a 1/2 hour after I called. They ordered the part and came back within a day or two and fixed the problem.
    Verna M.
  • Was S.
    The man that did the service was pleasant and did his job
    Was S.
  • Judy L.
    Travis was very prompt, informative, professional and personable. You are very fortunate to have such an excellent employee.
    Judy L.
  • John M.
    Good job. Very knouledgzß letechnician
    John M.
  • Janice & Kevin G.
    Have always had excellent service with Swick. Always a pleasure speaking with them on the phone from the front office to the technicians.
    Janice & Kevin G.
  • Cindy Q.
    Awesome service as always! Thank you
    Cindy Q.
  • David & Connie V.
    We know Swicks is a little expensive but we accept that because of the service we receive from them. I can email them a problem & within 5 minutes they are calling to send someone here. And when they come they are courteous, friendly & hard workers. Plus, they ware booties over their shoes so they don't track in dirt. Top notch service I'd say...
    David & Connie V.
  • Terry & Grace J.
    Every technician that has entered our home have exceeded our expectations.
    Terry & Grace J.
  • James & Paula W.
    We have been long time customers of Swick and, not one time have we been disappointed. From the time we make the initial,phone call to schedule an appointment ( Michaela this time!) to the time the technition is finished ( Craig this time) , our expectations are exceeded! A most professional and satisfactory job at a fair and , affordable price. We feel so blessed to have Swick home services right around the corner.
    James & Paula W.
  • George M.
    Great service.
    George M.
  • John L.
    I appreciate the time that Jerry spends w/ me explaining the problem and the solution
    John L.
  • Jeff W.
    Tom was a very good representative of Swick. My Grandson had lots of questions and Tom explained some of them. The only thing he didn't do was to check our gas hot water heater which was operating fine. Thanks a lot for your service.
    Jeff W.
  • Robert & Marian A.
    Nick is great, He has been here a couple of times for different issues, he is very competent and personable. " Nick from Swick," makes all the difference in the way we feel about Swicks service!
    Robert & Marian A.
  • Jerry G.
    I highly recommend Swick Home Services! I had an urgent need and they re-arranged their schedule to get me out of trouble. Professional, Knowledgeable, Courteous and Sincere. I would not hesitate to call them with any of your Home Service needs. Swick is the benchmark of Service!
    Jerry G.
  • Tawni F.
    Swick came to my house when other services vendors would not. I called them first because I thought Swick didn't do the work that I required. THANK YOU!!!
    Tawni F.
  • Gloria B.
    Even though we have a local plumbing service in Gwinn, I will ALWAYS call upon Swick for my plumbing and electrical needs. You are the BEST. Tom did an excellent job and was extremely helpful and courteous. Thank you
    Gloria B.
  • Gloria B.
    Even though we have a local plumber in the Gwinn area, I will always contact you for plumbing and electrical service. You are the best!!!
    Gloria B.
  • Gloria B.
    I wanted to add one more comment. Tom was exceptionally courteous and very helpful in answering my questions. Thanks
    Gloria B.
  • Tracie S.
    Excellent service?
    Tracie S.
  • Scott & Amy D.
    Thanks to Travis Larson for excellent customer service, problem-solving and tech skills!
    Scott & Amy D.
  • Gloria B.
    I was very pleased with the service received when Tom repaired by plumbing problem. Even though there is a local service, I definitely prefer and will always contact Swick for repairs needed.
    Gloria B.
  • DJ S.
    Travis was very knowledgable and knew the problem as soon it was explained,repaired it with efficiency an explained all, you have a great employee in him
    DJ S.
  • Paddy P.
    Travis Larson was very professional and helpful. I was very impressed with his politeness and happy with the concern and work we had done. My Furnace is happy too!
    Paddy P.
  • Pete F.
    Had a problem with garage drain backing up first try by one of their technicians didn't work. When I called again months later more experienced technician showed up diagnosed problem and offered a solution that worked this time.
    Pete F.
  • Jerry C.
    Excellent service as always.
    Jerry C.
  • Betty H.
    Travis was our service technician and we are completely satisfied with his work. He was very personable and explained the situation to us and then proceeded to fix our fireplace. Thank you Travis!! We are so glad to have our fireplace working again and are happy to have met Travis. What a great employee!!
    Betty H.
  • Charlene G.
    Everything was explained to me. Always after anything was done the Service Specialist asked me if I had any questions.
    Charlene G.
  • Allison H.
    Travis was incredibly helpful to us in our quest to improve and streamline our heating needs. He was pleasant, respectful, efficient, and just a pleasure to work with. He has a great combination of professionalism and personality. He was able to talk wireless thermostats while also welcoming us to the area and giving us tips on living here. It was obvious that he is very knowledgeable about HVAC, but was also able to admit when he wasn't 100% certain about a question we asked, referring us instead to the wood stove expert at Swick. Travis spent a good hour with us, but never seemed rushed or irritated with our extensive questions. We look forward to working with him in the future, and recommending him to friends. And if he hasn't received a raise recently, he deserves one!
    Allison H.
  • Babs M.
    Swick did a great job both before the appointment when listening to my needs, and during the scheduled appointment. The team member that came to the house was polite and efficient. Explained what he was doing and answered my questions on other services offered in case of future needs. I was VERY happy that I called Swick.
    Babs M.
  • Richard D.
    Great service with excellent technicians that really know the job.
    Richard D.
  • Karen J.
    It was just a check-up for Gold Star customers, but the conversation about solar power was most interesting. Thanks, Mike
    Karen J.
  • David V.
    We have had recurring problems with our toilet & every time we contact Swicks they are here Johnny on the spot. They are more than nice, they're efficient, they're courteous, they give 100% & they are always willing to come back. We couldn't be happier with Swicks!!
    David V.
  • Anonymous
    As usual, we needed Swick's & they came to the rescue. John had been here before so he knew his way around. He went right to work & didn't stop till he was finished. He was friendly, efficient, hard working & just a very nice man. Thanks Swicks once again...
  • Terry P.
    Mike H. Is the whole reason our service in our home was fantastic!
    Terry P.
  • Phil & Anna H.
    Travis is well versed in operation of the geothermal furnace and can quickly diagnose present and future problems.
    Phil & Anna H.
  • Jim & Renee K.
    Jerry was a pleasure to work with. He was personable, kind, knowledgeable, and skilled.
    Jim & Renee K.
  • Bob and Joanne B.
    Very courteous, caring and competent service both when scheduling and when at our home.
    Bob and Joanne B.
  • Chuck H.
    Jon has an excellent attitude- easy going, friendly and efficient. He explained what he was doing and why -definitely knowledgeable.
    Chuck H.
  • Milton J.
    I want to thank Swicks for sending Travis L. To servive and trouble shot my new furnace That they installed ,he is Is an excellant service technican . Travis found the Prolem and corrected it, He installed a new termostat and explained the operation of it,He cleaned up the area also . Would recommend him to any one Thanks again Milton Johns
    Milton J.
  • Laurie F.
    Always professional and friendly service. Jerry makes you feel like a neighbor has come to your door. He advises on services you may want to consider without selling you services and products you DON'T need. Please consider giving him triple credit for his good service, as I have neglected, in the past, to complete my mail-in service surveys.
    Laurie F.
  • Joan P.
    Travis was probably the nicest service person we've ever had in our home. He was courteous and very professional. We appreciated his kind and efficient service!
    Joan P.
  • Anthony G.
    Travis, as have all of the Swick representatives, was clean, respectful and completely forthcoming about their tasks and the work and effect it would have on my comfort. Really really great to work with and have in my home. A nice bunch!
    Anthony G.
  • Randy & Marge L.
    Jerry & Austin were very great help... Jerry did a great plumbing repair job... Excellent fix on my plumbing problem... Austin was able to schedule the repair work on the next morning - Great Job... Randy Luke
    Randy & Marge L.
  • Randy & Marge L.
    Jerry B. did an excellent plumbing repair job... Austin did get us into the schedule with priority.. Thanks to you both
    Randy & Marge L.
  • Gary T.
    Very satisfied with service and personnel.
    Gary T.
  • Bruce B.
    So very pleased with Austin & Gerry. Husband, Bruce, out of town, Austin & Gerry got the job done! New hot water heater installed fast and efficiently. Old heater removed. Received excellent help and service from Swick. Thanks, Pat Belisle
    Bruce B.
  • Dan W.
    I'm not sure what was checked, but it seems like the last inspection was much more thorough. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for this one.
    Dan W.
  • Herbert & Helen C.
    Herbert & Helen C.
  • Beverly M.
    Very professional and courteous
    Beverly M.
  • Terry & Grace J.
    Austin does a great job too. Sincerely , Grace Johnson
    Terry & Grace J.
  • Patrick B.
    Work was done well and the entire experience was very professional and courteous.
    Patrick B.
  • Jim P.
    I have contracted Swick Home Services a couple times for their services. The technicians, ( Dean then Travis L.) were very professional and courteous and did a top notch job for me.
    Jim P.
  • Monajean R.
    Travis L. proved to be knowledgeable, friendly and an expert in his work.
    Monajean R.
  • Pat M.
    Tom was very helpful and friendly and was on time who could ask for more?Peace of mind to know the furnace and ac were all in good shape,thank you.
    Pat M.
  • Mark W.
    Friendly respectful informative and very accommodating
    Mark W.
  • Rick S.
    We needed help with our water filter system quickly. Swick had Kevin out to the house within an hour of our call! Kevin was beyond great! He was super friendly, professional and did beautiful work! The entire project was done within one day. The new system is great and Kevin explained everything. He even did a few little extra touches to make it easier. Also visited with Amanda in the office a few times and she is beyond kind and wonderful as well. A true professional and such a lovely person. We can't say enough good things about the great service we received and the kind, friendly and caring staff. We recommend Swick fully and they have our business and friendship forever. Rick & Val Negaunee, MI
    Rick S.
  • Rick S.
    Amanda and Kevin were wonderful! You are lucky to have such great, friendly and caring professionals! We hope you continue to make them feel proud of how well they do representing Swick and our community. Dynamite people!!!!! Rick & Val S
    Rick S.
  • Rose C.
    Speedy response and solved our dual zone control problem. Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism!
    Rose C.
  • Bruce & Pat B.
    Went downstairs on late Monday afternoon to a partial flooded basement. Saw water trickling down the hot water heater. Called Swick. Austin said he could have a team there early 8:00 Tuesday morning. Jerry and Silas arrived promptly. Jerry was able to identify the problem, the water heater purchased from Swick finally succumbed to 22 years of service. Jerry offered to replace the heater as soon as possible. I said I wanted to check other sources first. On Wednesday I called Austin back and said I wanted to go with Swick however I was concerned about their quote as I had received lower quotes from other sources. Austin called me back and adjusted their quote. I said go ahead, their schedule only allowed a Friday morning installation. I said okay was pleased that they had lowered their quote and would be willing to wait. Got a call early Thursday morning from Austin saying Jerry & his team could leave right now to install the new heater, if that would work for me. Well, yeess!!!!! Jerry and his team were here within 30 minutes and he had the new heater installed, working and hauled the old heater out within two hours. Wow, what a team. Thank you Swick for all your assistance, (just a side note, husband was out of the country and unable to communicate with me)
    Bruce & Pat B.
  • Barbara & Rob B.
    Travis L. is an excellent technician and goes above and beyond making things right. It's not just about installing or repairing, but the little extra things that he does, not necessarily required, but make the project perfect. Travis, like Swick itself, is honest and hardworking. We live 3 hours in the U.P. from Swick, but they still accommodate us and treat us like family. I know when we call Swick it will be done the right way. [We have had Swick install 2 geothermal heating units, as our home requires two, an on demand hot water heater, and a Generac whole home back up generator.]
    Barbara & Rob B.
  • Jim P.
    I have contracted Swick Home Services a couple times for their services. The technicians, ( Dean then Travis L.) were very professional and courteous and did a top notch job for me.
    Jim P.
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    John Doe
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    Tom Johnson
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    Joan Avina
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